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Travel deals that break the internet, not your bank account.



Traveldream is Australia’s newest luxury travel website, offering amazing world-wide holiday deals including airfares, accommodation and premium experiences at prices that will break the internet, not the budget.


The Team

Paul Mercuri - Founder and Managing Director

After a quick back of a napkin calculation, Paul thinks he has helped Australian travellers save more than $75 million over the past decade. His goal at Traveldream is to help them save over $1 billion. A lofty goal indeed but he thinks it is possible. Paul has previously held positions at Kogan, Travelzoo,, News Corp and Fairfax. When he is not negotiating travel deals he is going on adventures with his wife and daughter. He is into Muay Thai and Taekwondo. He is a European destination specialist. His favourite place in the world is Positano, Italy. And his most recent holiday was to Malta.


Angela Zuniga - Online Travel Specialist

Ange has always loved daydreaming and travel. As a student her spare time was spent working to save up money and then travelling. This cycle lead to work as a travel agent in California, a tour leader in Japan and 20 years of customer service experience in a bank, an online startup and Australian tour operators including intrepid Travel. Along the way she met her husband in Costa Rica and they travel together with their two kids. Sometimes internationally and sometimes on Aussie adventures. Her favourite experiences have been walking on the Great Wall of China, tandem hang gliding down to the beach in Rio de Janeiro and patting a Tasmanian devil - their fur is so soft!
Without luggage limits she would travel with plenty of dark chocolate, her bike, surfboard and yoga mat. She is currently daydreaming about Western and Northern Australia.


Migle Barauskaite - Digital Marketing Manager

Migle (but everyone calls her Migs) essentially grew up on trans-Atlantic flights. Her mum says she's "like a leaf in the wind" but she likes to think of it more like a crippling case of wanderlust. She used her passion of travelling and knack for marketing to see the world working for NGOs, agencies, and startups. The US, UK, Estonia, and Albania are just a few expat experiences. When she landed Down Under she knew that she'd found a place to put down roots...for now. Melbourne is the world's most liveable city for the 7th year running, after all. Migs enjoys cocktail bartending on the weekends (#hospoforlife) and eating Uber Eats on the couch. On that note, she (and her wallet) are accepting applications for some cooking lessons. At the next available chance, she's keen to visit New Zealand and run away from any 30+ degree day in the city.

Haylie Sulyok - Online Travel Specialist

After taking her first solo trip to the US in her mid-teens, Haylie knew travel would be a massive part of her life. Straight out of high school she jumped at the chance to study tourism which led to work opportunities in a 5-star hotel and, shortly after, a role in sales at a Melbourne-based tourism organisation. Recognising her own desire to see more of the world she spent 18 months living and working in the UK, regularly zipping over to Europe on the weekends (thank God for budget airlines). High on her travel wish list is to see the Macchu Picchu in Peru (particularly to satisfy her love for llamas) and to sip a cocktail in the Maldives.


Anita Potucek - Designer

Anita is a Graphic Designer by trade and illustrator by night, driven by pretty pictures and a clichéd amount of good coffee. She is currently on a working holiday in London in order to be closer to the castles and cobblestones. She's had the travel bug since she was young, ever since her family told her stories of Eastern Europe at Christmas. Her bucket list includes a trip to see the Northern Lights, pat a reindeer, visit rabbit island and the Titanic museum in Belfast. 




 Yim Kitiphong - Head of Sales (Asia)

Yim (or you could try using his full Thai name if you have few minutes) was born & raised in the city of Angels. Yeah! Bangkok. A city guy who doesn’t eat veggies but has an interest in meditation for peace of mind. Although he’s travelled to over 30 countries, a stamp from any of the countries in the Americas is still missing from his passport. It might be due to his stingy nature. Yim & his wife would always search for the best deals (whether they exist or not) around the world when planning each trip. He thinks it’s time to use his 15 years' experience in travel to reveal those unbelievable deals to others that love discovering the world without feeling guilty. His next mission isn't necessarily travelling somewhere, but to create a Facebook or Instagram account so he doesn't keep all of his travel snaps to himself (seriously?!).