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Southern Lights Flights


Witness this spectacle of Mother Nature at 38,000 ft

Special guest  speaker astrophysicist Prof. Alan Duffy 

No seat rotation unlike other flights of its kind!

Experience one of the great sights that our Earth puts on up close.

Tick off this bucket list trip in premium economy or business class!


From $4,490 Typically $4,599 Include flight pp twin share

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Join us on this exclusive Southern Lights Flight as we travel on a specially chartered 787-9 Dreamliner, flying high over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica.

Our destination – the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime show of the unique and mesmerizing equinox aurora!

The captivating Northern and Southern Lights are usually only accessible to those willing to make the trek to the Northern Arctic Circle during winter, or, for those based in Antarctica, during the inhospitable southern winter.





Day 1

Day 1

For our  2021 Southern Lights Flight, our specially chartered Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner shall depart southwards from Melbourne at 8 pm with a seating-class dinner/beverage package served once in-flight.

En route we’ll have our very special in-flight guest speaker, astrophysicist Professor Alan Duffy to teach/explain/enthrall about the Southern and Northern Lights/auroras and other fascinating astronomical facts. ALSO, an expert aurora photographer will be giving advice on how best to capture the elusive auroras on cameras.

We’ll travel to 62º southern latitude to where we are below the “aurora oval” or fly to where it shall be located just to our south. At that point, the plane will then spend around 90-120 minutes alternating its direction every 10-20 minutes to maximise visibility of the Southern Lights for passengers. This will be done such that both sides of the plane will have approximately equal viewing time should the auroras be showing.

Cabin lighting shall be dimmed whilst within the aurora oval to maximize our viewing chances and to assist with any photography. Cabin blankets will be provided to help “cover” any ambient light that might reflect of the windows for those attempting photography.

Inclusions & Exclusions


  •  No seat rotation
  • Seat selection (subject to operational changes if necessary)
  • Peace of mind covid 19 booking policy
  • Expert Aurora photography
  • Guest Astrophysicist
  • Return flights from Melbourne
  • International standard dining and beverage service
  • Guest Astrophysicist on board as guest speaker
  • Expert astrophotography advice and assistance on board

Professor Alan Duffy

Recognisable from his many television appearances in Australia, Professor Duffy brings an incredible knowledge of everything astronomical on board as our guest speaker.

He will enlighten and entertain us all on the hows and whys of auroras and everything else to do with astronomy as we head south to the aurora oval!

Invited to Australia in 2009 to work on the first stage of Australia’s component of the Square Kilometer Array which will become the world’s largest astronomical facility. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Melbourne University and currently Associate Professor at Swinburne University of Technology.

A regular guest speaker at functions, Professor Duffy will bring the universe and auroras alive for us!



  •  Travel insurance
  • Any meals not mentioned in inclusions
  • Transfers

Child Policy
We welcome passengers of all ages on board however as the trip will be around 9-10 hours long we recommend
the trip for ages 8 and above.
• Seats are priced the same for both adults and children
• Children under 16 years of age must travel with an adult
• If you are traveling alone, you should be able to move around the cabin unaided

Single Travellers 

There will be just two single seats offered, both of these are in Business Class.

For the rest of the plane, all seats are sold as pairs (one window seat and its the adjacent seat). In Premium Economy there is the option to purchase a third adjacent seat and in Economy, there will be a limited number of third and
fourth adjacent aisle seats offered to those who purchase the initial two seats. If you are a solo traveler, please
contact us and we'll see if there are any other solo travelers wishing to share a pair of seats so that you may
travel together.



Departure Dates

SEP 2021
25 th
Saturday 25 Sep 2021  ‐  Saturday 25 Sep 2021